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Chooseyourplant is a houseplant marketplace to discover and find your next plant.


How many hours have you been searching about how to take care of a plant? How many months you needed to discover that plant you loved? How did you find it? Chooseyourplant is a product I wish I had when I started in the houseplant hobbie a few months ago because it would saved me a lot of hours of researching on Google.

After having houseplants as one of my hobbies for a few months, I've decided to build something I found noticed there's a huge market gap. There is no application for discovering plants. It means that every time you want to acquire a new plant, you have to look google for days, look for the trending plants on Pinterest or other websites, and once you find a plant you like, research about how to take care of it.

What is Chooseyourplant

Chooseyourplant is a houseplant marketplace to discover and get your next houseplant in a few clicks. How cool would it be to say what the requirements are and what do you want your next house plant to look like? Now it is possible!

The MVP of Chooseyourplant allows you to:

  • 🌱 Discover amazing new plants.
  • ❤️ Add them to 'my wishist'.
  • 🛒 Buy them through external links.
  • 🤓 Learn what are the needs of the plant.
  • 📑 Tips to make your plant grow like hell!
  • 🧐 Spot similar plants.

How it looks

The page to discover plants tries to make things as simple as possible. s

  • User friendly filters that allow you to choose the plant you want.
  • Big pictures.
  • Common names.
  • Links to buy.
  • The possibility to add the plants to 'My wishlist'.

Aspecto visual de la búsqueda de una planta en la aplicación Chooseyourplant

The plant profile page the following content:

  • Scientific name.
  • Common names (you may recognize the plant with one of those).
  • Cares and features summarized.
  • Big images.
  • Link to buy the plant.
  • The possibility to add it to 'My wishlist'.
  • Explanation with text about how much light and water it needs, type of fertilizer, humidity and more!
  • Tips.
  • Similar plants.

Aspecto visual de la búsqueda de una planta en la aplicación Chooseyourplant

I have plenty of features in my mind such as:

  • Comparision between 'My wishlist' and 'My plants'.
  • A map mode that allows you to see what stores have that plant near you.
  • When you want to buy a plant, show you a relevant link for buying that plant (nearest).
  • Allow you to report if there's any wrong information related to a plant.
  • Allow you to introduce plants.
  • Create a community where people want to share their images of that plant.
  • A blog.

For who is this

Doesn't matter if just want to get a plant, you're new in the indoor plants hobbie or you have a lot of experience, I'm sure you want to find plants that you like and you know you can take care of. Because of this, I believe that Chooseyourplant is for everyone.

I like being one of the users of Chooseyourplant. It will allow me be user-centric and focus on real value for the community.

When will it be ready?

Chooseyourplant will be ready once I have the images provided by the community for the 65 plants I've collected data. I'm searching on Instagram people who is interested on sharing their images. I'll try to make it as soon as possible.

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