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Why I will start writing articles in English


The motivation of all writers, as well as mine, is to reach as many readers as possible. The first thing I did when I built my personal website was to think about what language I would use.

The first option was to write in Spanish 🇪🇸 because it is my mother tongue, I express myself very well and many people speak it. The second and last, English 🇬🇧. I wasn't very convinced to write in English because I don't express myself as well as in Spanish although I can reach more people.

In the end, I decided to write in Spanish and now I regret it.

🤦 I did not target the right people

The goal of this blog is to share my lifestyle, my projects, and my thoughts. With this in mind, I should try to reach as many people as possible so I can get a lot of feedback and different points of view.

Everyone agrees that there're a lot of people who understand and speak Spanish but, in a matter of communication, English is the king 👑. All people from now will speak English as a second language or so.

🤷 I didn't want to sacrifice quality in my articles by writing in English

My English skill is good but not as good as Spanish 😔. I knew that writing in English would mean to decrease the quality and I didn't want to sacrifice this (due to the lack of my English written expertise, some points wouldn't be clear enough).

I've learned that no one improves without practice 💪 so I decided to start writing in English because, in the end, articles can be updated (and it's beneficial for SEO 😜).

😀 Adopt a user-centric mindset when writing

I already have a user-centric mindset, even at writing. Was this means? I hate to read long paragraphs that say nothing.

When I thought about blogging I had in mind to keep things small and simple. Without decorative text. Without words that say nothing. Straight to the point, no matter if the article looks too short, and with English, it will be easier.

I encourage you to be fearless and write in English because the benefits are enormous:

  • You'll be out of the comfort zone
  • You'll practice English
  • Your segmentation or target of people you can reach is higher
  • You will augment your confidence

Personally, I wanted to reach as many people as possible instead of going for the Spanish niche. So the only case I can imagine for writing in Spanish is if you want to go niche.